Bottle Distillery offers guided tours, tastings and a workshop Making Gin. They all can be reserved for any day of the week. For the guided tour there is no minimum number of visitors required. The tasting and workshop Making Gin starts with 6 participants.


In a guided tour you will learn more about the distillery and our potstill. You get an explanation of the different types of spirits. In the tasting room you get to taste 3 of our spirits of your choice.
Duration: approximately 1/2 hours
Price per person: € 12,50 (tour + 3 tasting glasses)


We welcome you with a drink. You get a detailed explanation of the distillery, the process of distilling and the operation of our potstill. You get comprehensive information about our distillates and you’re get to taste our liquors, beer brands, vodka and gins.
Duration: approximately 1 1/2 hours
Price per person: € 25,- (tour + tasting assortment of spirits)


We welcome you with a coffee or tea. After that we start with a tour. We give you comprehensive insight into the process from raw material to finished product. You learn all about our potstill, the phases in the process of distillation and the maturation process in our oak barrels. With smell and taste you experience every step of the process.
After the tour you get to taste different types of gins. Pure and in combination with tonics and with various garnishes. Then you go create your own unique gin with distillates and extracts. You can taste your own DIY-gin and judge each others creations. In a bottle you take your own DIY-gin home.
Duration: approximately 2 1/2 hours
Price per person: € 42,50 (tour + tasting + coffee / tea + DIY bottle of gin)
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